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From website design, strategy, development, maintenance and beyond I help small business owners and organizations overcome website challenges, whether those challenges are rooted in knowing what to do or in doing it.

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Are you feeling stuck and uncertain about where to focus your website or digital marketing efforts?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the noise and spam out there related to marketing your business online?

Are you tired of working with agencies and gurus that don’t listen to you and just want to sell you things?

Do you wish you just had a website that worked and someone reliable to make changes?

Have you struggled with DIY platforms that made it seem simple only to realize it’s more than you wanted to take on?

Are ready to throw in the towel in regards to marketing your business online?

The Right Website Partner & Approach

Save time, money, and provide better all around customer service by hiring the right partner and by following the right approach.

THe Right Partner

  • Is not here to sell you on products or services
  • Focuses on education to bring you true clarity, which will empower you to consistently make the right decisions with regards to how you market your business online
  • Has the ability and reach to problem solve dynamically as every business is different
  • Can actually deliver high-quality services across the entire digital landscape with speed and precision
  • Backs it up with clear and consistent reporting, maintenance, and ongoing strategy, education, empowerment, and really great customer service

THe Right Approach

  • Embraces the internet and technology
  • Is not focused solely on how you can get more calls, sales, or leads from the internet
  • Is focused on providing value to your current and potential customers before, during, and after the sale through the internet and its tools and strategies, which in turn equals more leads for your business
  • Is done consistently over time
  • Reports on the results
  • Reflects & strategizes continually

With the Right Partner & Approach Your Website is one that:

Meets the needs of your current customers or clients

Attracts and converts potential new customers or clients

Removes stress from your life

Scales with your business

Is solid and yet adaptable

And much, much more!

The Right Website Creation Process

I have a simple and proven process that puts you in confident control of your website and digital marketing decisions.

1. Introductory Conversation

It's important for us to learn a little bit about each other to asses whether or not we'd be a good fit. I don't want to waste your time and I'm sure you don't want to waste mine. You need to know who I am, what exactly I offer, and how I can help your business going forward. I am not like the majority of marketing companies out there. Due to COVID-19 all in-person meetings are suspended until further notice. 

2. Auditing & Consulting

Once we've agreed to partner up everything begins with some auditing and consulting. With out it I will not be able to help you confidently make the right decisions for your business. For the time being all consulting meeting will be done via video chat. Phone calls do not work well here because there is usually a good portion geared towards education(if you want to be able to confidently make the right decisions you need to learn and understand some things).

3. Strategy

Resulting from the consulting, or what I call the education and empowerment session a clear strategy begins to take shape; a plan for where your efforts should firstly and subsequently be focused in order to achieve your goals and the greatest outcome. Depending on your business this can either happen while in the consulting meeting or over the following 1-14 days. Sometimes some additional research and planning is necessary to really iron out the best strategy.

4. Execution

The goal of the first three steps are to bring you clarity. Clarity brings ability. Whether that is the ability to execute the strategy in-house or the ability to confidently hire the right partner to help you. It's at this point that I can provide you with a more detailed estimate of what it would cost for me and my associates to handle it all for you. 

5. Management & Growth

Beyond education, empowerment, clarity, and ability, my goal is to be a trusted, reliable, and continued partner and resource for your website and digital marketing needs. Whether that is with reporting and analytics, the hosting and maintenance of your website, business listings management, review management, content marketing, advertising, or just some consulting here and there to help you keep confidently moving forward with your online marketing efforts.

Bringing Clarity & Ability to Your Team!

With the right partner and approach, creating and managing your website no longer feels wasted and never-ending, impossible to track returns, daunting, draining, tedious, and something you would just rather not deal with.

Client Testimonials

I always do my best to go above and beyond, providing high-quality consulting, website and digital marketing services. Below are a few of my client testimonials. Click here to read more testimonials.

"Gary is the best. Super knowledgeable, very amazing partner!"
Barrie Hudson, Creative Director at Colorado Home Realty

"Gary has done an outstanding job and I have already seen an increase in potential clients as well as reviews of work I have done for my client's."

Michael Hug, Owner of the Law Office of Michael A. Hug - First Review
"Gary knows his craft well and always takes great care to understand my objectives and goals."
Doug Phelps, Realtor
"Gary has done a great job of restructuring our website. He is very thorough in explaining the many facets of website design and the importance of doing it the right way to get the best results. I look forward to working with Gary on further modifications and enhancements."
Mark McClurg, Owner, Mortgage Navigators LLC
"Gary is great. I am thrilled with our results thus far. Even more important is the fact that he responds promptly and meets deadlines. I have been with multiple web developers who sign you up but then disappear. I trust Gary to take care of business and be our partner, not just our "website dude".
Cody Bergan, Owner of Bergan & Company

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