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Immediate Website Issues

As a natural problem solver, I can help you understand and overcome immediate issues related to your website such as security issues, speed issues, a broken site entirely, or any other issue you are having with your website.

Website Consulting

Did your website lie on it's resume (is not performing how you'd like?) I can help you understand why and how to get where you'd like to be by correctly utilizing your website and online presence to serve and attract customers. Understanding the "why & how" behind any marketing effort is the real key to its' success. Consulting equals clarity for you.

Website Creation

Beyond providing you with the clarity needed to make the right decisions for your business, I can also help you build a customer-focused website for your business. All websites I build are mobile, fast, secure, conversion optimized, and search engine optimized. I can help with everything from strategy to development, SEO, and more.

Website Maintenance

I am here to be a continued resource and partner for you, your business, and your website; your web guy! I can help with everything from domain registrations, website hosting and maintenance, and ongoing updates to website analytics and reporting, honest feedback and answers when you need them and so much more.

The Right Partner & Approach

A Website & Digital Marketing Partner Your Business Can Count On!

As consumers, the internet just works.

As business owners, sleeves must be rolled up and work must be put in. First in knowing what to do and second actually doing it correctly.

But understanding what needs to be done with your website and digital marketing and then doing it consistently over time is precisely where most business owners and organizations struggle.

With Gary Johnson as your website and digital marketing partner you can have both clarity and ability on your team.

Small and Micro business owners are in a very tough spot marketing-wise because most of them don’t have very large marketing budgets or have a lot of time to spend on it themselves.

So having the right partner is absolutely crucial if you want to have consistent digital marketing success. The right partner is here to help you understand your challenges and solutions so you can make the right decision for your business. The right digital marketing partner IS NOT here to sell you on a product or service they offer.

My priority is helping you take back control and confidently make decisions regarding how you market your business online. Then my team and I can help you implement the right solutions if you need. But first you must have clarity and confidence with your digital marketing strategy. Otherwise, you're always going to be left feeling drained from spinning your wheels and getting pulled in every direction but going nowhere.

Beyond providing the clarity you need to make the right decisions, I am here to help you put together a solid and lasting digital marketing strategy that my team and I can execute on your behalf or you can execute in-house if you have the ability. I follow a customer-focused, consistency over time approach to serving and attracting customers using the internet and digital marketing.

It’s my goal to empower you to be a better business owner through education surrounding the internet and digital marketing and by applying my industry knowledge, understanding, and experience to your business, your online presence, and your current website or digital marketing challenges so we can uncover the right digital marketing solutions for your business.

I provide extremely great customer service with fast turn around times, attention to detail, and reliability; someone you can count on as a part of your team; someone you can go to with questions, always knowing you will receive honest answers designed to help you help your customer base.

So, whether you just need someone to consult with or if you need a new website, I am here to help you better serve and attract your customers using the internet!

Start by reaching out and we'll have a relaxed conversation regarding your website needs and any current digital marketing challenges; the intersection of your business and the internet.

I can also help with any immediate issues you are having with your current website such as security issues, speed issues, domain, email, hosting, broken site, or any other issues your website is having.


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