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Website Maintenance

Immediate Website Issues

As a natural problem solver and someone with a great deal of experience setting up, designing, building, and maintaining websites I can help you understand and overcome immediate issues related to your website such as security issues, speed issues, integration issues, a broken site entirely, or pretty much any issue you are having with your website.

Website & Digital Consulting

Whether you're not sure where to start with your website or how to keep moving forward with it, I can be the guide you need, empowering you throughout the entire process. Consulting with me equals clarity for you. And with clarity, comes ability!

Website Creation

I can help with everything from planning, design, content, and development. I primarily use the WordPress platform and build custom WordPress Websites. Whether a brand new website build or a rebuild of an existing site, all websites I build are mobile, fast, secure, conversion-optimized, and search engine optimized. Most local business owners don't need to hire me to build them a website but can use free or cheap options out there on their own.

Maintenance & Growth

I am here to be a continued resource and partner for you, your business, and your website; your web guy! Most importantly, I am not here to sell you on any specific tool or platform - or even a new website. My focus is on helping you regain control and make the right decisions for your business or website. Once we have established a working relationship, I offer a hefty discount on any consulting or work done.

Gary Johnson Brings Clarity & Ability to Your Team!

With the right partner and approach, creating and managing your website no longer feels daunting, draining, tedious, and something you would just rather not deal with.

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