About Gary Johnson Design

The Problem

I started freelancing to help people. 

But once I really got into the industry, I realized that it's designed not with your needs in mind but the companies that exist within it. 

Services are packaged, sold, and delivered to maximize profits for the freelancers and agencies within the digital marketing world. Helping business owners comes in at a distant second. 

There are so many tools, techniques, platforms, freelancers, agencies, and gurus. 

How are hard-working business owners supposed to navigate through all of that and ensure they focus on the right things?

And the worst part about it is that business owners have been conditioned to expect this sales-focused, lower quality of service from web and marketing professionals. 

As a result, business and website owners have distanced themselves from the industry out of fear of wasting more time and money. 

They are in the dark regarding the what, why, how of building and managing a successful website.

As long as business owners remain in the dark, they will continue to stay in a position that allows an industry to exploit and sell them things. 

You will continue to waste time and money and ultimately provide a lower quality product, service, and experience to your customers or clients.

The Solution

Business and website owners don't just need another website, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, or anything in between. 

Business and website owners need someone willing to educate and empower them to make the right decisions for their business consistently over time. 

They need someone to first help them figure out which website and digital marketing solutions are right for their business. 

Then they need someone to help implement and manage those solutions.

This is because the website and digital marketing industry are not new anymore. It takes an industry expert to help navigate these muddy waters to ensure that time and money aren't wasted.

It takes the right partner with the right approach.

The right website and digital marketing partner will be a true LEADER and not someone just looking to sell you their product or service.

They will:

  • Listen - with the goal of learning.
  • Educate - to bring you clarity, not sell a product/service.
  • Align - efforts towards the desired outcome.
  • Deliver - without compromise.
  • Empower - to perform and make the right decisions.
  • Report - on the results and rinse and repeat!

The Right Partner:

  • Is not here to sell you products or services.
  • Focuses on education to bring you true clarity, which will empower you to consistently make the right decisions regarding how you market your business online.
  • Has the ability and reach to problem solve dynamically as every business is different.
  • Can actually deliver high-quality services across the entire digital landscape with speed and precision.
  • Backs it up with clear and consistent reporting, maintenance, ongoing strategy, education, empowerment, and excellent customer service.

The Right Approach to marketing your business online:

  • Is not focused solely on getting more calls, sales, or leads from the internet.
  • Is focused on providing value to your current and potential customers before, during, and after the sale using the internet and its tools and strategies, which in turn equals more leads for your business.
  • Is done consistently over time.
  • Reports on the results.
  • Reflects & strategizes continually.

With The Right Partner & Approach, Your Website and Online Presence Is One That:

  • Serves your current customers or clients
  • Attracts potential new customers or clients
  • Removes stress from your life
  • Is solid and yet adaptable
  • Scales with your business
  • And much, much more!

With the right partner and approach: marketing your business online no longer feels wasted and never-ending, impossible to track returns, daunting, draining, tedious, and something you would just rather not deal with.

A partner and approach that doesn't put profits over people. One that serves instead of selling. One where we both walk away happy and are delighted to continue working together in the future. One where we both win.

What Sets Me Apart

I have always had solid troubleshooting and problem-solving ability. Pair that with a genuine desire to help. The result is a unique ability to help business and website owners with everything related to their websites.

What business and website owners need is clarity. Context brings clarity which empowers them to confidently run their entire business, which, yes, now includes the internet. 

Clarity is my first goal and the first service I offer. Consulting with me equals clarity for you. The clarity to help you rise from the darkness and make the right decisions for your business to keep moving forward. 

Beyond clarity, ability.

I am here to be your literal right hand in designing, building, maintaining, and growing your website.

Here to make changes, usually within minutes of your request.

Here to answer questions.

Here to help with future projects.

All while keeping Web and SEO best practices top of mind so your customers continue to have the best all-around experience with your business online. 

As you'll see below, I offer a significant discount on my services to my clients. My focus is on a partnership because that's what you truly need. 

I built my first website in 2008 as a part of my marketing efforts for the music I was composing at the time. 

I started freelancing as a graphic designer in late 2014. I have a solid eye for and understanding of design. I know how to use design to bring out and support the content and goals of a website. 

My name is Gary Johnson; I aim to be your right website partner with the right approach. I'm not here to sell you a website. I'm here to help you end up with the right website. A website that accomplishes its goals so you can keep moving forward towards your larger business goals. 

Clients I Work With

There are usually three types of clients I start working with. 

  1. Those that need me for clarity; consulting & strategy help only.
  2. Those that need clarity and ability; consulting & strategy, and needing someone to design, build, and manage the site for them.
  3. However, some already have the website strategy, sitemaps, content, and design ironed out and just need me to get started building the site for them.

However, about 99% of my clients require some level of consulting before, during, and after the actual website project.

My clients need an expert in websites and digital marketing to come alongside and help them do what is right for their business. Whether that includes building a new website or not.

My clients understand that success online will only come through proper research, planning, and execution. They are in it for the long game and not just to gain quick leads.

They need the right partner with the right approach. 

Starting a Project

All new clients/projects start off with a paid discovery meeting, or meetings, where we can all get really clear on what we're doing, why, and who's responsible for what. 

This is where the strategy for the work to come really starts getting ironed out.

This is where I can start to set the expectations for the project regarding timeline and budget and help you assess your options for moving forward.

Discovery is where all projects must begin.

My clients understand that what they need is more than a website. My clients need someone to properly diagnose their problems and help them find the right solution before wasting time and money on the wrong one, possibly for the second or third time. 

A quick analogy:

You wouldn't go into your doctor's office and tell him to amputate your legs because you have a migraine and read online that this is the solution. 

No, you would be open and honest with your doctor and trust him to be the same with you. 

You would tell him your problems and let him do what he does to properly diagnose you and then help you find the right solution.

He then would help you implement and manage that solution.

Then he'd help you measure the success of that effort to continue moving forward in your life.

There might be adjustments to the solution or even additional solutions needed. 

But the point is that he would be there to help you with and through it all. 

But let's just say that he goes ahead and amputates your leg on your request. Then, two months later, the migraines are back, but you just push the problem away because you don't want to deal with your now compounding problems. 

Years go by, and now you're frustrated because you've wasted time and money on a solution that just wasn't the right solution for you at that moment. 

Could an amputation be the right solution for you at some point, perhaps? 

But chances are it wouldn't be because of a migraine. 

The Point of the Analogy

By not allowing me, the expert in this field, to properly diagnose you, everything we do may be wrong. 

By not trusting me to help you through this whole process, you are only doing yourself a disservice in the end. 

I understand that many people out there don't care and just want to hit their sales quotas. So you're hesitant to trust someone in this industry. 

But make no mistake. The number one reason business owners waste time and money is because they shortcut the discovery and strategy phases. They jumped to the solutions, focusing on the potential benefits they could bring.

Everything I do is designed to help you avoid wasting time and money, including starting a project. 

Beyond discovery and diagnoses, and like the right doctor would, I am here to help implement the strategy by managing the project and bringing other solutions to your team if need be. If it involves building a new website, I am here to do that too. 

Rates & Additional Services

Because of the diversity of clients I work with and the unique service I offer, there is no way for me to have or provide a set cost for a new website. 

It really does depend on a lot of factors. You can learn some more about the phases of building a new website on my Website Service Page

As a result, I have come to find that for the vast majority of projects, hourly billing is the best route forward for both of us. 

I have two different rates and one ongoing monthly service I offer. 

  • New Client Rate: $150/hr (by the minute) with a 5-hour minimum upfront to start work - due before the discovery meeting. Going forward, I will invoice monthly for the work completed in the previous month.
  • Client Rate: $100/hr (by the minute), usually with no down payments to start a project and invoiced monthly for work completed in the previous month. 
  • Monthly Maintenance Service: Starting at $75/month (see inclusions below)
    • WordPress Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • Database Optimization
    • Spam Comments and Revisions Cleanup
    • Security Monitoring
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Performance Scans
    • Malware Removal
    • Daily Cloud Backups
    • Unlimited Changes to Existing Content (with a 1 - 5 day turn around)
    • Troubleshooting Problems that Arise due to updates to WP, Theme, or Plugins
    • Fixing most problems that arise due to updates to WP, Theme, or Plugins
    • Monthly Report
    • Peace of Mind Regarding Your Website

To qualify for the client rate, two conditions must be met. 

  1. I built your website.
  2. You are subscribed to the monthly maintenance service and are in good standing.

When both of those conditions are met, I am able to be much more helpful and efficient in the continued work I do for you. 

I focus on keeping my existing clients for the sole fact that doing so is what they truly need to be successful with their website and digital marketing efforts.


If you've made it this far down the page and understand everything so far, then chances are we'd be a good fit. Please schedule a consultation below to gain more clarity and get started.

If you're still unsure, go ahead and schedule a consultation so we can assess whether or not we'd be a good fit.


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