When I first started freelancing I realized something major was missing in this industry; Clarity.

Like a lot of small businesses, Gary Johnson Design was born out of a need back in 2006. But back then, it was called GDJMusic. Simply put, I could not afford to hire a digital agency, if they even really existed, to design artwork, a logo, and website for the instrumental music I was composing for hopeful use in film/tv. If you are interested you can hear my music on Spotify here, here, and here, but please don't feel obligated.

So, like many great problem solvers, I didn't think twice and just started digging in. This continued for the next 8 years and though a couple jobs and some time in Afghanistan until I retired from the Army in 2014 and needed a career.

At that point I started doing some freelance design work as my Photoshop skills had gotten quite good. I soon realized that my lifelong desire to work for myself was within reach. With the support of my amazing wife, and now five kids, I started what was first called Design Your Desires in early 2015.

It was great, I designed everything from business cards, logos, and websites to flyers, huge banners, and even vehicle wraps.  

But I was always left with a feeling of emptiness after each project was over. I always felt like I had let these business owners down in some way. They always had so many questions about how they could do this, or accomplish that using the Internet and they didn’t want to have to seek out and hire another company because there was so many rips offs and noise out there.

Over the years I’ve heard some pretty horrible things that business owners have gone through. And, as a natural troubleshooter, problem solver, and someone who just loves to help, that just didn’t sit right with me. So I went to work learning, growing, and helping anyone I could and realized something was missing in this industry, clarity.

Not only did the majority of business owners not know how the Internet worked but they just had no real grasp on the intersection of their business and the Internet. Let alone how to put together a lasting strategy and then deliver on it.

So fast forward five years and Design Your Desires is now Gary Johnson Design and I now focus on helping small and local or service area businesses serve and attract customers using all the amazing tools out on the internet. This often includes the creation and management of certain aspects of a small businesses online presence. OR even in the planning, content creation, design, development, and management of their website.

Over the years I realized that I didn’t want to just design or sell things for money, but I wanted to really help people, and not just business owners, but my friends, family, and neighbors too; I wanted to help the consumers as well. Which I can do by educating business owners on how to follow an honest, ethical, customer-focused, consistency over time approach to marketing their business online; the right approach, and then how to deliver on that!

I am always moving forward and looking for new and better ways to serve people. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any type of question or request you don’t see listed on the site. Even if you just have a random question about the Internet or marketing in general.

Thank you for your time!


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