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Looking for a digital marketing partner for your small business?

For consumers, the Internet just works, but for business owners, sleeves must be rolled up and work must be put in. With Gary Johnson Design, you’re able to have an online presence that serves and attract your customers without the headache that goes along with it.

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How I help small business owners.

The Internet is engrained into all of our lives in so many different ways. Digital Marketing is the fastest way for a person to find, learn about, and interact with your small business in today’s economy.


Understanding the intersection of small business and the Internet is the empowerment every small business owner needs to better serve and attract their customers or clients online. Without this understanding, all of your efforts can easily be wasted, never-ending, draining, daunting, and something you would just rather not deal with.

Small Business Owners need a marketing LEADER and not another marketing guru!

The Right Partner & Approach

With the right partner and approach, marketing your business online no longer feels wasted and never-ending, impossible to track returns, daunting, draining, tedious, and something you would just rather not deal with.

The The Right Partner is one who:

  • Is not here to sell you on products or services.
  • Focuses on education to bring you true clarity, which will empower you to consistently make the right decisions with regards to how you market your business online
  • Has the ability and reach to problem solve dynamically - the Internet is not static
  • Can actually deliver high-quality services across the entire digital landscape with speed and precision
  • Backs it up with clear and consistent reporting, maintenance, and ongoing strategy, education, empowerment, and just seriously really great customer service
  • Has great pricing.

The Right Approach is one that:

  • Is not focused on how you can get more calls, sales, or leads.
  • Is focused on providing value to your current and potential customers before during and after the sale.
  • Is done consistently over time.
  • Reports on the results.
  • Includes ongoing strategy.

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Ready to get started?

With The Right Partner and Approach, your online presence will truly become a valuable member of your team. Furthermore, your online presence will be one that simultaneously serves and attract customers, removes stress from your life, is solid and yet adaptable, scales with your business, and much more!

  • Info

    If you’re looking for a solid digital marketing partner in the Denver area, start by reaching out and telling me a little bit about your business. I will be in touch to schedule a phone call where we can have a relaxed conversation about the intersection of your business and the Internet.

  • Connect

    While on the call you’ll receive no-obligation, free information about the current state of your online presence and gain a real understanding about what it all means and how to proceed.

  • Plan

    If at that point a partnership with Gary Johnson Design makes sense, I will put together a more detailed and advanced Op-Order(strategy) with pricing, deliverables, timelines and more.

  • Focus

    Once a partnership is formed, my priority is to consistently empower you to better serve and attract your customers using the Internet through ongoing education, strategy, maintenance, and much more.

And then relax, you have a web guy for that now!

Which means you can stop worrying about all the little tedious things that are involved with building up and managing an online presence for your small business. You focus on providing value directly to your clients and let us turn that into an online presence that simultaneously serves and attracts the right people.

Now that's teamwork!

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