Google My Business Listing

Everything a local business owner does online is to serve and verify a business to the people and search engines, so the people and search engines need a cornerstone to base their decisions on. Google My Business(GMB) is that cornerstone for small and local business information online.

The information you place into GMB regarding your business name, address, phone number, business category, hours, etc. will set the stage for the rest of your business information online. Information is one of the main ways a search engine will verify that a Facebook Page belongs to the same business as a certain GMB listing or a website.

This is why if you type a business name into Google you will, or should, see multiple different websites, profiles, business listings, etc. all displaying information about that business. If you don’t see this, then chances are that business either has inaccurate info placed around the web, like old phone numbers, varying business names, and past addresses, or they just don’t have anything listed for their business online.

The accuracy of information about your business online is crucial to serving and attracting customers.

But GMB is much more than just the cornerstone of a companies information online. Google has and continues to develop and improve this free and powerful tool in ways that empower both business owners and consumers to connect with each other honestly, ethically, and for the greater good of the communities they live in and love.

Just as Google seeks to make a wise consumer, they desire for a companies message and voice to be heard once it is found online, however that may be; social, search, referral, etc. 

Basically, the search engines are getting smarter and finding ways to weed out the company’s that aren’t actually looking to provide value to people online and they are showing their businesses less and less or not at all.

GMB allows you to:

  • Edit business information(shouldn’t be changed often.)
  • Add photos/videos(should be done weekly or monthly.)
  • Create posts around products, specials, events, or just general updates that get published straight to the search results page to be seen by people searching for your business by name(should be done weekly.)
  • Receive & respond verified reviews(ask customers as often as your business can.)
  • Direct message customers
  • Create a free website that highlights all the information about your business within your GMB listing.

Did I mention it’s free and they have a mobile app too!

Click the link below to be taken to Google so you can get started with your free GMB listing and start making sure your business can be found when a potential customer types your business name into Google.

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