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Local Business Website

Truthfully, a website is the one area a business owner is really going to struggle with. Even though technology has made it much easier to design and build a great looking website, the education surrounding all the information is what will hold you up because we also have to make sure the site is fully understandable by the search engines, which can be a little complicated if you don’t have any website or coding experience.

With that in mind, I would still like to cover a few things that are a must for a business’ website.

Website Must Haves

There is no doubt that not all websites are created equal. Like everything else we do online for your business, we must take the right approach. Which when it comes to a website, we must have the right info, in the right places, and in an easy to understand and navigate format that looks good on all devices!

When mobile browsing first came out, a webmaster needed to create multiple versions of a website in order to provide the optimal experience for whatever size/type of device/browser the site was being viewed on. When tablets came on the scene this was complicated even further by a third version of the site.

This is all now solved by using a responsive web framework(coding) that is designed to rearrange the items on the page as the screen changes sizes. Then, by letting the search engines know that we have done this they can show only one site to all visitors because that site will look good on each and every device.

So, why should you care, well, everyone and even most grandmas are browsing the internet on the smartphones, tablets, eReaders and anything else that isn’t a desktop computer.

People, your friends, yourself, neighbors, community members, and leaders are all in a hurry to get where they are going or what they need and want. This most definitely includes researching anything online—if the site loads slow, frustration sets in and we go elsewhere. People want great customer service, they don’t want to stand in your lobby for 10 minutes before they are acknowledged and they certainly don’t like waiting 10 seconds to see your website.

If you are having issues with site speed, often times it is something very minor like an incorrect setup between the websites hosting server and the domain(URL) registrar or even just too large of photos are being used.

The Right Info In The Right Places(site & page structure) and In The Correct Format(Schema for search engines)

What is the right info?

Who: you are and who you serve.

Where: you are located and serve

How: to contact and hire you

What: you offer.

Why: you offer it.

When: they can expect it.

And lastly what do others think of you; reviews

In addition to that. Remember the first in the fundamentals; Google My Business? They actually have a feature where they will build you a nice little one-page website from all the information, pictures, and posts inside your GMB listing. So, if you need a website and are on a tight budget, Google My Business is your best option.

Even if you have a regular website I still recommend having this as well. Here is the one they created for my business so you can see what they look like. Visit my GMB auto-created site.