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I come alongside and partner with small business owners, teams, and organizations in order to help them build and manage their websites consistently over time.

These days, and for many small businesses, having a good website means more than just having a website; there is so much that goes into having a good website and making sure your current and potential customers see it, receive value from it, and take the desired action on it.

This means that for most small businesses a website isn't their answer; SEO isn't their answer, PPC isn't either. No, given the speeds the web continues to evolve, none of these digital marketing services are actually a small business owners solution in and of themselves.

The right partner and approach are the real solutions for small businesses looking to solve problems and make the right decisions for their businesses.

With Gary Johnson as your small business website partner you will always have the right partner and approach; clarity & ability; education & empowerment!