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The Internet is like a Bridge

On one hand, you have consumers - people with problems, wants, and needs.

On the other hand, there are ideas, solutions, things, and small and local businesses offering them.

The internet is what connects them in the middle, with the search engines being the consumers guide across it.

To put it simply, to be found online you have to provide value - first to the search engines and second to the consumer, your current and potential customers.

You have to help the search engines understand your business, who you are, what you offer, and who you serve. Then, they can help people get across this bridge of the internet to your business.

This is where the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO was born. SEO is optimizing your online presence to be found by people using the search engines for specific types of searches.

There are two main types of searches that a business needs to be found for. 

  1. Searches performed for your business name
  2. Searches performed for your business type/category or a product/service you offer

Naturally, it is much easier to get your business found online for searches performed for your business name than searches performed for what you offer.

However, the truth is that the latter is achieved by performing the same things for the former and it's all rooted in providing value to your potential customers through the search engines and the internet.

The bottom line is that good customer service starts online these days.

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So How Do You Get Found Online?

In order to get your business found online and provide great customer service you really only need to have these three things in place.

  1. Accurate and consistent information listed online about your business
  2. A customer focused website
  3. Consistent and positive online reviews

Those are the fundamental aspects to any great online presence. An online presence that gets found. An online presence that serves, attracts, and converts.

I help small and local business owners get their business found online by following a customer-focused consistency over time approach.

I am not here to sell you on something.

I am here to help you understand, implement, manage, and grow the right digital marketing solutions, that get your business found, consistently over time. 

The right partner with the right approach.

But it starts with an introductory call where we can learn some more about each other and see if we'd be a good fit. Schedule a call at your convenience by clicking here, or send me a message through the form below.

Client Testimonials

"It's GREAT to find a website/social media guru to guide my company thru the construction of a new website. This guy is amazing. Love his work."
Bill Smith, Owner of CoWest Insurance Group DTC
"Gary was amazing! He created a web site for my business that far exceeded my expectations! It was a seamless process and he was so professional and creative! I was highly recommend Gary!!!"
Christine Gulley, Realtor

"Gary knows his craft well and always takes great care to understand my objectives and goals. My website continues to evolve and Gary is so helpful in making it happen. "

Doug Phelps, Realtor
"Gary is great. I am thrilled with our results thus far. Even more important is the fact that he responds promptly and meets deadlines. I have been with multiple web developers who sign you up but then disappear. I trust Gary to take care of business and be our partner, not just our "website dude".
Cody Bergan, Owner of Bergan & Company

Below are a handful of websites I have designed and built, many of them I still manage to this day.

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