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Online Reviews are the next best thing to a referral from a friend or family member.

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Why Do People Love Reading Online Reviews?

They would honestly prefer to hire a local business based on some type of referral from a friend or family member.

Online reviews are the next best thing to referrals.

When someone doesn’t have a referral to start with. They go to Google and start searching for business types or services they need.

But there are so many different options and choices out there. It’s pretty overwhelming and most people don’t have the time to go through all of the results that Google provides.

So in order to sort through all of those options the first thing we, as consumers, look at is online reviews - the next best thing to referrals.

But, even when someone is referred to your business. The first thing they will likely do is search for you on Google.

And one of the first things they will see is whether or not you have a consistent flow of online reviews coming in.

And on an even more fundamental level, were they even able to find you when they searched for you?

The bottom line is that not having a consistent flow of positive online reviews does not build trust on a fundamental level, whether they were referred to you or not.

Not only that, but when people don’t have a referral to start with and have to search for your business type on Google, having a consistent flow of positive online reviews will actually increase your rank and help you stand out in the search results.

So, not only will you start to show up more but you’ll have consistent high-quality reviews to back it up!

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So How Do You Get More Online Reviews?

You have to actually ask, remind, and walk your customers through the process of leaving you an online review.

Because even though people are always super quick to hop online and leave a negative review, they often don’t think about it when they have a good experience. So asking and walking them through that process is crucial in order to get good reviews coming in for your business.

But that’s usually the hang up because doing that takes time and knowledge.

I help small and local business owners understand, implement, and manage the right review marketing system for them. 

Depending on the type of business you have there are a couple of different ways to go about asking, reminding, and walking your customers or clients through the review leaving process.

  1. We fully automate the process using software that has a monthly fee. This is best for high volume businesses serving at least 20 customers a month.
  2. We spend some time and put together a system that you or someone you designate within your business to perform each time you want to ask for an online review.

Either way, it starts with an introductory call to learn more about each other. Schedule a call at your convenience by clicking here, or send me a message through the form below.

Client Testimonials

"It's GREAT to find a website/social media guru to guide my company thru the construction of a new website. This guy is amazing. Love his work."
Bill Smith, Owner of CoWest Insurance Group DTC
"Gary was amazing! He created a web site for my business that far exceeded my expectations! It was a seamless process and he was so professional and creative! I was highly recommend Gary!!!"
Christine Gulley, Realtor

"Gary knows his craft well and always takes great care to understand my objectives and goals. My website continues to evolve and Gary is so helpful in making it happen. "

Doug Phelps, Realtor
"Gary is great. I am thrilled with our results thus far. Even more important is the fact that he responds promptly and meets deadlines. I have been with multiple web developers who sign you up but then disappear. I trust Gary to take care of business and be our partner, not just our "website dude".
Cody Bergan, Owner of Bergan & Company

Below are a handful of websites I have designed and built, many of them I still manage to this day.

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