Social and community connections

Social Media and Community Websites

Facebook, Linkedin, Alignable, Yelp, Thumbtack, Zillow, Nextdoor, Homeadvisor and more are being used more and more by consumers during their search journey online. These sites are providing real value because they focus on connecting real people that have real problems to real companies that are local to them.

Furthermore, these sites actually remove stress from the consumer by doing the research for them. Remember, we don’t actually trust the internet. Mainly because we know that even the organic search results have become pay to play. Many of these sites list the top businesses in a certain location and for certain services.

Beyond just having another great business citation to prove to the search engines you are legit, these sites often have their own dedicated followers who not only use their service to connect with local businesses but swear by it, referring the free service to anyone they know. So from a customer-focused point of view, a small business should at the very least have these sites created, updated, and then make it an effort to keep them updated with specials and check it regularly to respond to questions or messages. Think of them as another business listing if you must, but get them created.

Of course, Facebook is pretty much a must-have these days. Especially because they allow your friends, family, and current customers to refer your business to other people that are looking for recommendations on Facebook. The key thing to remember is to have a consistency of information. All the information you place into these sites must match what you first put into your Google My Business listing. With Facebook and these other sites, make sure your profile photos are nice looking and all match. Same goes with the cover photo.

Key Takeaway

The thing to remember with creating content and posting to social accounts is to put yourself into your customers’ shoes. What problems are they facing that you can solve? What’s unique about your approach. Post about it, own it, and remember that you didn’t start your business to earn Facebook likes and video views, you started because you cared about providing a top-notch service to the people in your community.

So use these sites to highlight your business and its offerings because when people search for your business by name, they will be one of the first results to pop up!