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The Five must-use Online Tools for Local Business Owners

Before I dive into the five main tools every business owner can use to be heard, once found online, I would like to quickly cover a few things.

The wrong approach to marketing your business online is one that focuses on the potential outcomes and not your customers. Which leads to frustration, confusion, chasing your competitors, and sadly not taking care of your customers.

The Internet is like a bridge which connects a person with a problem, want, or need to a business with a solution. 

The Search Engines are the gatekeepers of, and a persons guide across, this bridge called the Internet.

Everything your business does online is for one of two groups. 

  1. Search Engines — The gatekeepers and guides.
  2. The Consumer — Your current and potential customers and clients

People prefer to start with a referral based search because their chances of finding success with their company of choice are much greater that way.

Which means that your efforts, as a business owner, should first be focused on making sure that when someone types your business name into Google they can not only find you, but they like what they find about you.

We also know that the Search Engines gather information about your business from three primary sources.

  1. Other Websites
  2. The Business Directly
  3. Consumers

In addition to that, we know that we can control this information, which can be done using the five main tools outlined below.

The number one thing you cannot get wrong when it comes to the Internet is the accuracy of information about your business online. 

The secret to having success online is consistency over time.

Consistency is the key. 

Time is the treasure box. 

Your desired outcomes are inside. 

But none of that matters unless you are following the right approach.

The Right Approach makes up the legs that walk you over to that treasure box and the hand you use to pick up the key and unlock it with.

So, as a local business owner, what is your role online?

What is the intersection of a local business and the Internet?

It is, none other than what you’re already doing in person…

…To serve and to help.

To meet your current and potential customers needs – online.

As business owners we are here to serve and help we are not here to exploit and sell.

Gary Johnson

In order to be a successful business owner and then adapt that to the internet with success you must actually care about helping the people you already have as customers or intend to gain as new customers.

The best place to start is with the fundamentals of serving and attracting customers online, which can be boiled down to having the right info in the right places and in the correct format.

From there, yes, you can absolutely expand this into much more advanced and specific campaigns to reach your precise customer at the precise right time where you will be able to help them the most.

But serving your customer in the best possible way must always be your focus, not more sales or money.

The five tools every local business owner must have in order to be heard once found online.

  1. A mobile, fast, secure, & ethical website with the right info in the right places(for the consumer & search engines)
  2. Verified & Updated Google My Business Listing
  3. Verified, Updated, Applicable, and Active Social Media Accounts
  4. Claimed & Accurate Online Business Listings(like Yellowpages)
  5. Positive Online Reviews left on actual review sites(like FB, Yelp, and Google My Business) left by real customers