Large Bridge representing the Internet

The Internet is like a Bridge You Can’t Cross

So, the current thought is that my business is on one hand and the Internet is on the other and if I go over there to this Internet thing I will get more calls, sales, leads, or grow and expand.

But, a more accurate picture is as follows.

On one hand is point A. And on the other hand is point B.

In the middle is a bridge.

On one hand, you have problems, wants, and needs. And on the other hand, there are solutions, ideas, and things.

In the middle is this bridge that connects you to them.

On one hand, you have real people with these problems, wants and needs, and on the other hand you have businesses that are willing and able to serve, help, and solve their problem.

In the middle is this bridge called the Internet.

Now imagine you are standing in front of this perfect bridge of the internet but there is a huge locked gate stopping you from crossing it. You know what you want is somewhere on the other side, but there is just no way you are getting through that gate, let alone would you know where to look once you crossed the bridge.

It doesn’t make sense right, why is there a gate blocking my perfect bridge called the Internet and why can’t I get what I want when I know it is just somewhere on the other side of it.

This is where the search engines, like Google, Yahoo, & Bing, come into play.

They walk over to you and as their unlocking the gate they ask you what you need, actually listening—what do you want?—, and then they take your hand and walk you across this bridge to the exact location of what will help you get one step closer to solving that problem.

As consumers, it all just seems to work.

we hop on our phone, type a few words into a search bar, and boom we are one step closer to getting what we want.

But for a business owner, there is a little bit more involved in the process.

Furthermore, if you’re following the wrong approach to marketing your business online chances are every effort feels like you’re beating your head against the wall.

So, on one hand, you have the consumers and the other you have what they want and the Internet is what connects them in the middle with the search engines being their guide across it.


This alone makes everything your business does online for one of two groups.

  1. The search engines
  2. The consumer.

Yes, it’s all for the consumers, your current and potential customers, but the search engines are the gatekeepers between you and them.

And if we don’t please the gatekeepers then they wont deliver people across the bridge to us.