Woman frustrated with her online presence

The Wrong Approach to Marketing your Business Online

So you own your own business, or perhaps you are just starting one.

And on one hand you have your business and on the other, there is this thing called the Internet.

But where do they merge and more importantly why?

The current thought is that on one hand I have my business and on the other is the Internet.

And my business is here and it may or may not be doing good and over there is the Internet and if I do this internet thing I am going to get more leads, calls, emails, inquiries, sales, customers, I’ll grow, expand, scale, dominate, and win.


If I don’t do this then my competitors will and I’ll lose out.

There are so many agencies, freelancers, consultants, and these funnel hacking marketing “gurus” shoving this message down your throat and pitching themselves as your only solution.

Not to mention all this talk about keyword rankings, SEO, ROI, PPC, content marketing, and everything in between.

But, what is the focus in all of that? What is missing in that picture?

Your customers, your clients, the people your business serves and helps day in and day out, our friends, family and neighbors that have real problems, wants or needs.

The current focus is entirely on the wrong thing.

It is on the outcomes of the right approach. And if your focus is on a potential outcome then it cannot be on your customers.

The Internet does not exist to bring you more business. People are not leads, they are real people that live in the communities we all live in and love, they just happen to have a problem that you can solve.

When you’re following the wrong approach to marketing your business online, pretty much every effort becomes wasted and daunting, draining, tedious, and something you would just rather not deal with.

You become frustrated and irritated, even more so because some businesses seem to be having great success with the Internet.

So you wonder, did I just miss the boat? Is it too late for me? I guess I’ll just stay over here and the Internet will be over there and well, whatever.

The right approach.

Now, what happens when you follow the right approach to marketing your business online? What happens when you understand the intersection of your business and the Internet?

All of the sudden, everything you do becomes super clear, focused, and done with purpose and passion like when you first started your business.

All of the sudden your online presence is resilient, agile, and ready for anything that comes its way.

Its solid, bulletproof, and adaptable.

All of a sudden, new advancements in web technology become something to celebrate.

All of the sudden, it all makes sense.